Eugenia Seriakov is a visual anthropologist, radio host and DJs under the name Cate Hops. With a background in the studies of art theory and philosophy, her ideas circulate around the concept of space as a social practice.

Musically, Eugenia is embedded within Berlin’s Bass and Dub scene and it’s local crews Serendubity, Impulse Basskultur, Hamburg’s Wobwob crew as well as the live performers Braintheft and Psychedelic Orchestra and others. Eugenia has organized events in Supamolly, the Project Eight culture canteen, Plötzlich am Meer Festival, MS Stubnitz and other anti-establishment venues with a focus on experimental electronic (live) music ranging from dub to instrumental noise performances.


Maria Mathon / Mary aka Gretchen Bazooka is an event curator, Hard Dance DJ and producer.

In spring 2018 she hosted her first rave in Vienna, an event called “Bass Retreat”, where the genres Noise, Techno, Happy Hardcore as well as Tribal Tekno were represented.

After moving to Berlin, she started working as an sound and light technician at Club Mensch Meier and expanded her knowledge about the organizational as well as technical aspects of music events ever since.

In 2019, together with the crew Mary co-curated “Sound System Culture” events – smaller donation-based events as well as the complex multidisciplinary one-day festival, which was funded by Musicboard Berlin.

In fall 2019, she started managing another series of events called “Dynamic Events”, through which four events have taken place so far – two of them in compliance with Corona hygiene regulations.

Mary’s focus and goals are the representation of niche genres such as Hard Dance and Drum’n’Bass, normalizing gender-awareness in line-ups (well over 50% female or genderqueer artists have been booked at all past events) and general empowerment of all marginalized people in the art and music scene.


Digging herself deeply into electronic music a decade ago, Josephine Doepner collected music throughout various genres and styles, always searching for the dub inside without even knowing it.

Interested in the social aspects of subversive sounds and scenes, the journey lead her from analysing techno, ambient, garage, beats, downtempo and experimental bass music towards activism in dub and reggae.

After some years in Berlin, surrounded by people playing and producing music, she got into recording mixes trying to express the connection between the influences under the artist name ‘Meta’. In addition to her studies in sociology and politics it became a fertile opposite pole to not only work at the University of Arts but especially in collective and alternative structures, co-organizing different events for more than seven years. Since 2015 member of Serendubity, her focus is the sociocultural aspect of aiming for a diverse and integrative sound experience- unquestionably best by the medium of a proper sound system.


A. E. Elliott is a journalist, blogger and free party fanatic who has written for several publications about parties and activism in Berlin. She has had many years’ experience organising and moderating at activist events including the Anarchist Conference 2009 (London), No Pretence (London), Critical Mass (Ottawa), Revolutionary Anarcho Feminist Terrorists (Ottawa).

Since moving in Berlin, she’s also tried her hand at promotion and pulled together a banging party called Mind Smear, featuring DJs Chris Liberator, Rachel Rackitt and Squat Dom of Stay Up Forever Records. More recently, she also helped host a series of roundtable discussion nights at Mensch Meier called “Zur Sache: Fixing the Round Table.”

Her main interest is bringing people together to talk, dream and create a better world together.